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Hello World

I am J. ‘Mach’ Wust. I live in Switzerland. I have graduated as Master of the Arts in Germanistic Linguistics. On the site, I am a developing several small opensource software projects, mainly about computer fonts.

I have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Of course, this page is hand typed, standards compliant and accessible.

There is some more information about me on my Wikipedia user pages. The page Benutzer:J. 'mach' wust on the Alemannic Wikipedia features a few pointers on the way I write Swiss German.

This page is available in the different languages (and/or dialects) that I speak. For the multilingual layout, I have thankfully used the method described by Pascal Fellerich in Apache Multiviews. This page uses two embedded fonts: Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic and Anonymous Pro by Mark Simonson.

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You can reach me by e-mail at j_maREMch_OVEwuTHISst@sharedTEXT-files.de .